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003 Mattresses

What is Negative Ion Mattress?

Anion is a sort of dissociated electron in air. And they always float in air with unstable state, so they easily and quickly combine with other elements, especially those ions - most of them do harm to humankind's health - having strong activity, the air become more fresh just as from the forest, the brink of falls, the fog or bath room, or the fountain.

The containment of the modern humankind's environment was caused by undesirable various gases. The Positive-ions are filled of the discharged gas from factories and cars, dust, bacillus and virus, and benzene gas caused by the room's repair and decoration. The more positive-ions exist in air, the worse quality of the air, then the more easily cause various chronic diseases. If, however, you choose the SOFTWELL anion mattress which produce continuously anions that can neutralize those positive-ions, it will make naturally fresh and clean air settings as breathing the top pure air in the forest or on the brink of falls. Although you are in limited space - bedroom, the SOFTWELL anion mattress make sure that you will enjoy the wonderfully fresh air during your eight-lasted sleep, keeping fit and pleasuring your life as well as prolong your expectation of the life.

2. Effect of negative ion on humankind's health

Conditions standing

Quantity of anion (ion/c.c)

Sound Effects


100,000 - 500,000

Capability of recovery

Mountainous areas/Seashore

50,000 - 100,000

Reach level of Health

Ordinary urban settings

500 - 1,000

No fresh air

Modern office(air-conditions)

50 - 150


Undesirable ventilated room

0 - 20

Physiological & psychological disease

Airtight car (air-conditions)

0 - 25

Physiological & psychological disease

 Properties of Mattress

1. Production of 2 million ion/c.c anions, purifying the air and increasing the quantity of vitamin in air.
2. Non-poisoning the free radicals, reducing rate of occurrence of the chronic disease.
3. The body fluid will turn and show alkalinity, if you always choose the mattress.
4. Elimination of the exhaustion, refreshing your body.
5. Keeping your sound sleep.
6. Enhancing your working efficiency.
7. Sanitizing the inside of mattress, reducing the content of moisture.
8. Adopting the Direct current (12V), and exhausting low energy (3W).
9. The new environmental-friendly, energy-saved and patent product can be recycled.
10. China patent No.: ZL01242849.4 200720153164.3 Taiwan patent No.: M254156.

The common specification for mattress

Sponge Type

Customization for the special requirements!



1. Two anion producers are prospectively installed at each side of the mattress head, while a small fan in front of the end of mattress.
2. The mattress inner body is banned to flush for keep the anion producers and fan properly work.
3.  Provide two differ surfaces: one is soft, other less soft, for personal favor.
4.  Mattress cover can be disported and washed, of which its inner body with a bit of detergent.


China patent No.: ZL01242849.3 
Taiwan patent No.: M254156
1. If it is to aging in five years after sales, the sponge can be discounted for new unit; If it is to sink in ten years after sales, the body also can be discounted for new unit.
2. Customers can require sales return and change for the quality in one month after sales.
3.  All the electric parts were approved by 3C¡Ausing 12v DC. These parts' guarantee period is one years, in which they are to service and change for free charge.
4.  The brokage out of force majeure in transportation is beyond this scope.

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