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Untitled Document Ingredients of Epaflex ( rubber + plastic )

"Epaflex" High Density Cell Rubber and Plastic Fireproof Insulation Material is produced by foaming quality synthetic elastic mass with sophisticated scientific process, having a structure of highly airtight cells. It has been proven that, with its extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity, Epaflex can sufficiently meet the insulation effect in different work conditions and environments. It is an ideal heat-insulating material.

Product structure of Epaflex

1. The advantage of this material over other rubber and plastic materials is that it has a high-density airtight cell structure, with discontinuous cells (and the walls of the independent cells are strong and hard to break), which means, the internal cells of the product do not overlap each other. Hence, the product has a low coefficient of heat conductivity (λ=0.033).
2 .Good flexibility, superb elasticity.
3. The product surface is compounded with fireproof aluminum foil, smooth and even, giving a luxury and beautiful appearance.

Pioneering and superior performance advantage of Epaflex rubber and plastic insulating material

1. Pioneering and superior heat-insulating performance
According to the test (by Dujiangyan Quality Testing Center), this product has a very low coefficient of heat conductivity (λ=0.033w/m.k at an average temperature of 0°C).
2. Excellent fireproof performance: (heat-insulating + non-flammable)
Epaflex is added with fire-retardant, and its fireproof performance meets national GB8624 hard-to-burn Class B1 standard. When it is burned on a flame, it will not drop fireballs. Moreover, the material surface is compounded with fireproof aluminum foil. Hence, the product is not only hard-to-burn, but also non-flammable.
3. Moisture resisting factor: μ->+∞
The moisture resisting factor of the material itself is μ≥4500. Thanks to the adoption of compounded fireproof and moisture-proof aluminum foil technology on the surface of the material, its capability to resist moisture penetration increases almost from μ=4500 to μ->+∞ (infinite extremity).
4. Epaflex does not contain PVC
When charred by fire, the smoke it generates does not contain the toxic element of Chlorine, and hence is absolutely safe.
5. Stable and reliable safety combustion performance
Epaflex material has been tested by (Dujiangyan) National Quality Testing Center, with the result that its oxygen index is ≥32%, meeting national fire-proof building material inflammable Class B1 standard.
6. Hygroscopic coefficient: ->0%
Epaflex does not absorb water even when it is soaked in water for a long time (the material itself is of high-density air-tight cell structure.). Covered by high-strength, i.e. fireproof and moisture-proof aluminum foil, the hygroscopic coefficient of the surface of the heat-insulating layer is almost 0%.
7. Good frost-resisting property
The mechanical strength of Epaflex material will not decrease even if the material is frozen with water. After cycles of freezing and thawing, the material still maintains its major physical property.
8. Superb mechanical strength of airtight cells
Epaflex is featured with high-density airtight cell structure with tiny and evenly arranged cells. With its superior vacuum hygroscopic coefficient and good mechanical strength of the airtight cells, it is very hard to break even under external forces (when squeezed, it will not have a noise of breaking.), hence is very convenient for engineering.
9. Superior aging resistance
After 150 hours of aging resistance (UV) test, there are still no cracks, no pinholes, and no deformation happened to the material. Moreover, the surface of the material is compounded with aluminum protection layer, giving more outstanding aging resistance. Its duration can last up to 15 years.

Epaflex product property description

Property item Standard followed Conditions and parameters
Structure form -- High-density cell structure
Appearance and color -- Black and gray
Coefficient of heat conductivity GB/T3399-1982 λ=0.033w/(mPk) at an average temperature of 0°C
Combustion performance
oxygen index
vertical combustion time
vertical combustion height
grade of smoke density
hard-to-burn Class B1
10 S100mm55
Toxicity of smoke generated when burned GA 132-1996 The material does not contain PVC, and is nontoxic. Qualified for quasi-safe Class ZA3
Moisture-resisting factor
Material itself g≥4500 plus moisture-resistant aluminum foil layer
Vacuum hygroscopic coefficient GB/T17794-1999 ≤8%
Hygroscopic coefficient GB/T6344-1998 Hygroscopic coefficient of the material 1.9% plus moisture-resistant aluminum foil layer --> 0%
Apparent density GB/T6344-1995 43kg/m3
Compression strength GB/T8813-1988 8.6kpa
Size stability GB/T8813-1988 3.9%
Applicable temperature range -- -- 80°C~90°C
Tearing strength GB/T10808-1989 ≥4N/cm
Acid and alkali oil   No deformation
Resistance to aging GB/T16259-1996 At 150h, slightly furrowed, no cracks, no pinholes and no deformation. The compounded aluminum foil on the surface layer gives more resistance to aging.