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AW-1000 Kitchen Water Purifier
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It is Japanese patented high-tech product, which utilizes water pressure to drive jet turbine at a high speed to generate electricity, and so ozone water is produced. It is applicable to different taps for transforming running water into ozone water without power and troublesome wire. And it is totally new environmental friendly and energy saving product.

Functions of ozone-water

Applications of ozone are much wider than other water purification methods. It destroys- amongst other things- bacteria, viruses, algae, heavy metals, detergents and pesticides and removes color, odor and taste from water Depending on the micro-organism it is treating, ozone can be more than 3,000 times faster than chlorine and 5,000 times faster than bromine as a disinfectant.

Bacterial Disinfection
Destruction of Viruses
Increased Settle ability Characteristics
Oxidation of Soluble Iron, Maganeses and other heavy materials
Oxidation of Large, less degradable Organics into smaller more easily biodegradable molecules.

Color removal
Taste removal
Odor removal
Removal of Algae
Removal of Sulphides
Removal of Cyanides
Removal of Trihalomethane Precursors

Organics Oxidation
Humic, Fulvic and Tannic acids

70mmg/h  Ozone output
Ozone density ~0.2ppm
Three phase alternator
Inner Generator 3 W
City water pressure 0.15~0.40Mpa

PFF polystyrene insulation material

PFF polystyrene insulation material

PFF polystyrene insulation material