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"Epaflex" High Density Cell Rubber and Plastic Fireproof Insulation Material is produced by foaming quality synthetic elastic mass with sophisticated scientific process, having a structure of highly airtight cells. It has been proven that, with its extremely low coefficient of heat conductivity, Epaflex can sufficiently meet the insulation effect in different work conditions and environments. It is an ideal heat-insulating material.

Product structure of Epaflex

1. The advantage of this material over other rubber and plastic materials is that it has a high-density airtight cell structure, with discontinuous cells (and the walls of the independent cells are strong and hard to break), which means, the internal cells of the product do not overlap each other. Hence, the product has a low coefficient of heat conductivity (£f=0.033).
2 .Good flexibility, uperb elasticity.
3. The product surface is compounded with fireproof aluminum foil, smooth and even, giving a luxury and beautiful appearance.

Pioneering and superior performance advantage of Epaflex rubber and plastic insulating material

Epaflex Technical Data