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SH Plastic manufactures insulation material formed from foamed high molecular polymers. The insulation materials are widely applied to refrigerating air conditioning, civil engineering, fire and water pipes, agriculture, fishery and husbandry huts, athletic appliances, indoor audio, boats, vehicles and noise prevention. Its regular colors are light gray and heavy gray. If you would like to know more about the insulation material products, please e-mail your requests.

"SOFTWELL"PFF (Polyethylene Fire-Proof) Insulation Material:

"SOFTWELL" PFF series are high-performance of heat-insulation and noise-absorbing materials developed by our company after painstaking researches. The materials are formed from foamed high molecular polymers that have been chemically bridged, having tiny independent cells. Hence, the materials have very low coefficient of heat conductivity, low hygroscopic coefficient, and can withstand heat or cold, or chemicals. They are also fireproof and can effectively prevent cold surface freezing and heat radiation of thermal systems. Being the best product ever in today's insulation material market, they have great economic benefits.

Technical Data of PFF Insulation Materials:

Specification of Insulation Material:

1. Size: 2.4m (L) x 1.2m (W).
2. Thickness: 3mm ~ 80mm.
3. Regular color: light gray and heavy gray.
We can produce the aluminum foil insulation foam sheets with (out) the glue, the insulation sheet with adhesive one side.

Uses of PFF Insulation Materials:
Refrigerating air-conditioning: Widely used for heat and cold insulation in refrigerating and cooling equipment like water and wind pipes of large central air conditioning systems, cooling plants, refrigeration storage houses, ice water main frames, cooking machines, cold wind pipes, cold water pipes etc.

Civil engineering: For heat-insulation, noise-absorption, or water resistance of the roof, wall and ceiling decoration of plants, storage houses, apartments, plazas, and general residence buildings.

Fire and water pipes: For areas to the north of the Yangzhi River, the temperature usually drops to below -25°C in winter. In order to protect the pipes from freezing, prevention measures shall be taken on open-air pipes to protect them from freezing.

Agriculture, fishery and husbandry huts: For mushroom huts, fishing ponds, nursery gardens, green houses, and stock keeping sheds, this product can help to insulate heat, keep warmth and control luminosity.

Athletic appliances: Floating beacons for fishing, life buoys, swimming buoys, diving kits, surfboard, and swimmerets etc.

Indoor audio: Recording studios, music studios, testing studios, auditoriums, and karaoke places.

Boats and vehicles: Heat-insulation for various buses, minibuses, trucks, taxis and boats, cold insulation of cooling cabins, and heat-insulation of various engines.

Noise prevention: Noise insulation of factories, shooting ranges, mechanical shops etc.